is there anything on…?

The Christmas Radio Times has arrived.  I think I may leave the warm sense of anticipation undiminished by not taking off the cellophane wrapper and actually reading it.

We didn’t have the Radio Times at home when I was younger – too expensive – and now I’m all grown up (debatable though that is) it still feels like a bit of a treat and an extravagance.  My habit is to decide what I want to watch by who is in it and I usually skim through the cast lists of the week ahead.  It’s horribly depressing that there are whole days when the listings for the main five channels are totally bereft of actors.  Property shows, cooking shows, misery shows, reality a-go-go but not a scrap of make-believe.

I often find refuge on ITV3 of all places.  Having worked many years of evenings and weekends I find there are dramas on repeat for the seventh time for most people that I’ve never seen.  It’s a bit tougher to choose through the listings as most are without cast details and it does take a bit of work.  I do like a challenge.  Me and IMDb – we’re like that nowadays!   Oh, lets not forget ITV4 and endless reruns of The Professionals.  The blousons, the artificial fabrics, the leisure slacks, you can feel the static through the screen.  But the memories…

I’ve never actually got the highlighter pens out to the Christmas listings although I do think about it.  I always assume I won’t forget the highlights (sorry) and then, of course, I always do…

Maybe this year really is the year of the pink, green and yellow pens…  After all, there’s not much that really grabs me this year so I’m hardly wasting ink!

And that’s a whole other story for another day…


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