deleted scenes from the cutting room floor…

… which is the title of the debut album, from Dutch singer Caro Emerald.  It is brilliant – and I’ve been playing it nonstop for rather longer than I care to admit!

(I should probably apologise to anyone near my car recently who has had the misfortune to hear me singing along.  Sorry.)

How to describe it?  Caro Emerald is a jazz singer but the album is so much more than that.  It combines, jazz, humour, sultry vocals with some very modern rhythms and some rather wonderful guitar than makes me think of David Lynch films…  The lyrics are beautifully crafted and the whole album just reeks of smoky nightclubs, lipstick stained martini glasses, high heels, sharp suits and late night, low light, slightly seedy (in a good way) glamour.

This is my current favourite track, performed live.  I really adore the fact that she is just so groomed and gorgeous – and barefoot!


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