baubles, bangles & beads…

It’s been a while since I made much jewellery, having been rather occupied with other things.  (I have too many hobbies!)  It hasn’t been totally abandoned, I always need new earrings and the odd bracelet or seven of course.

Last weekend, for the first time in a while I spent most of a day playing with beads, Swarovski crystal and my new discovery – Greek ceramic beads in all the colours you can imagine and then some, even in silver and gold.  I got quite a few items made and it was fun!  I’d forgotten just how satisfying it is to finally sit back and look at a whole heap of stuff you have made.

It’s not quite that proud feeling the first time you present your poor parents with a plasticine… thing  (OK I don’t know what it was either) but it’s close.  Well, maybe not that close – after all my plasticine always got mixed up and ended up that unique shade of reddish, greyish sludgy brown.

I’ve made some brackets and a necklace for myself but a lot of what I’m making at the moment is – hopefully – to sell.  I don’t sell regularly, this is very much still a hobby and the pressure to keep making new designs isn’t what I want to take on right now.  Selling less frequently does have the upside of making it all the more satisfying when I see people wearing something that I made, that really is an enduring pleasure.  A pleasure that, alas, doesn’t stop me being intensely self-critical.

I have learnt (mostly) not to point out all the tiny – almost imperceptible – imperfections, the wire loop that isn’t totally precise, the fact that maybe not every item is entirely original, perhaps I was slightly inspired by something I saw in a magazine (aren’t we all), that maybe it won’t sit quite right…  As a sales technique it isn’t one of the best.  I’d never win The Apprentice – not that I can ever imagine I would want to…

I should just accept that when people say they like it they might actually, possibly, just maybe, mean it!  In some cases perhaps they are being polite, it makes the world a nicer place, but if they are prepared to hand over real hard-earned cash then I vow to stop questioning and be hugely complimented.

It can’t be all bad.

After all, I wear it – and I have excellent taste!


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