mirrorball, sequin, manoeuvre… SCD2010

I am playing catch up with this year’s Strictly Come Dancing due to being chained to the keyboard writing my book.  Did I mention I wrote a book? No? Really?  Well I did…

Anyway… have broken out the Swarovski and sequins and went to hit the sofa but have apparently landed in a parallel universe.  Where did the dancing go??  What with posing and props, unicycles and cauldrons and much general faffing about the amount of actual hoofing is at an all time minimum.

As are the costumes – or are they saving fabric for the formidable (in a likable way) Ann Widdecombe who is wearing entire bolts of the stuff every week, leaving everyone else resplendent in some posh dental floss and a strategic sequin or two?

I have heard of most of the celebs this year but there has been a bit of pro-cull – presumably as last series the dancers were better known than their partners!

I need to do some proper study (dog ate my Radio Times Miss!) but just a few initial musings…

Felicity Kendall gets the frightfully well-preserved/close to the stage dressing room this year and she can even touch her toes.  Bless her – such an achievement when you need to keep a hand on your zimmer…

Brendan must have thought this was his year but he is starting to look as though that beautifully wrapped, perfectly chosen present was just that – beautiful wrapping.

Scott whats’it from Easties has emerged from his wheelchair, discarded his limp (insert your own joke here) and, well, I think he can actually shift a bit.  Trouble is I’m distracted from the dancing by constant Thunderbirds flashbacks.         

FAB – look no strings.

Kara seems to have drawn the short straw costume wise – oh, it’s actually the short straw she’s wearing.  She also gets the most likely to ‘dance’ dance with their partner award this year (an award recently handed back…)

Psychologist Pamela Stevenson (psychologist) – oh did I mention she’s a psychologist – is doing pretty well for a psychologist.  She’s a psychologist you know.

Who else?  Oh there’s a block of wood with no personality or charisma of any kind – which is still getting more votes than Gavin ‘mirror, mirror’ Henson, Patsy ‘no more men, ever, no really, ever, well… never’ Kensit and some other people.

And Ann Widdecombe.

An amusing sideshow and everyone is being frightfully jolly and British about it in case of upping the sympathy vote.  If they make the final the show dance could be a classic although please (please!!) avoid the Bacofoil/waxed to the hilt leotard as modelled by Lisa Snowdon.  Anton certainly won’t be making any more slightly off-colour jokes if this is the BBC’s revenge (I’m hoping he has a damn good chiropractor!)

Oh, and don’t start me on last week’s Halloween at Asda theme…

To keep me going until Saturday here’s one of my SCD favourites – Mark Ramprakash and Karen Hardy’s Argentine Tango…


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