What’s on? Sherlock and The Deep…

I was looking forward to using my blog to wibble on about great TV that I want to share.  Not to mention being suitably sarcastic about the less fascinating.  The trouble is that it’s summer and all I have to contemplate right now is the desert wilderness of holiday filler.

Frankly, I recommend you watch a decent DVD – I’ll even let you choose your own. 

Surely there must be something decent to watch (that isn’t a repeat)?  I’ve tried, really tried but despite diligent occupation of the sofa I have to admit defeat. 

Having said that Sherlock is OK.  Being honest it’s probably better than that but it gets a false reading by being surrounded by tripe.  Broken glass and diamonds both shine in the mud…  There is a sneaky little voice in my head that keeps asking why – if it’s as good as we’re lead to believe – is it on in August? 

It has a good team behind it, decent actors – two decent actors and Aunt Sally anyway – but for me it is too smug and rather pleased with itself.  It’s as if it is sitting on the sofa beside you, hogging all the cushions, eating more than its fair share of the pizza and going “Damn, I’m good…” at irritatingly regular intervals. 

I’ll keep watching though – yes, I’ll stick it out through all three episodes.  Three.  Wouldn’t it have been better to spread them out and call them specials – or cut it to an hour a time and make a six-parter? 

Then there’s The Deep.  Reasonably high hopes here – big budget BBC sci-fi-ish drama, decent names in the cast so what could possibly go wrong?  (I may have invented a whole new genre here – sci-fish drama anyone?!) 

The plot is a little confused, there’s a submarine going after another submarine that sank – yes, I thought they were meant to do that too!  Anyway, off they go to scrape the bottom of the barrel – sorry, the bottom of the sea. 

Minnie Driver is in charge – so she explains Stuff What Is Going On,  when she’s not being generally irrational and fluffy that is.  It’s a great command decision to let a grieving husband hear the harrowing recording of his missing wife’s last moments just at the point where everything only he can fix is likely to go very, very wrong.  The rest of the cast amuse themselves by telling each other what they are going to do – so, life and death missions don’t get a pre-mission briefing, or a job description, even a post it note? 

James Nesbitt is the  “Engineer from Northern Ireland” quite adequately, another in the long line of his specialism  “… from Northern Ireland”.  A special talent which reached its peak in “The Passion” with “Pontius Pilate from Northern Ireland”.  He also does a lot of  E-NUN-CI-A-TING (or may have been reading from his sleeve)

desperately looking for a way out (or their next line...)

Topping out the appropriately multi-cultural crew is Tobias Menzie who is a posh public school archetype.  He clearly Knows Things (and has a decent jumper) so is obviously going to be a baddie or at the very least have a secret agenda.

We were also treated to Luka the Looker from ER who might have died in the first episode except a) he’s too famous and b) they’d lose a third of the female audience.  So he survived – just – to continue an ill-advised affair with Mini Diver… and I don’t mean the dinky sub! 

 The Deep seems to have been put together with bits left lying around – there’s some decent CGI but the submarine sets look like bits of left over spaceship from old shows – shouldn’t it be more claustrophobic?  The crew is a walking cliché and the mysterious “very large thing” that threatens in the deep looks suspiciously like something from a sewage outlet that you REALLY don’t want to swim past! 

 I’ll carry on watching though, glutton for punishment that I am, and apparently episode two is better.  Maybe Flipper or Aqua Marina will swim past… 

 More importantly I have a surplus of bad squid jokes that I need to use up!

One thought on “What’s on? Sherlock and The Deep…

  1. hehehehe… very good! To be honest, I have not had time to watch tv this summer – not sure I still remember to turn it on, but we went to see Inception at the movies last night (also mentioned on my blog…). Recommended.

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