the barefoot imelda…

I’ve been neglecting my blog recently to concentrate on a different project.  In fact I’ve been neglecting all sorts of things – jewellery making, shoe shopping, twitter and – in particular – housework.

It doesn’t take much encouragement for me to ignore the housework so with a proper excuse I’ve really let the place go…  I’ve started to remedy this by excavating the kitchen floor and the decision of today is no more seeded bread.  Ever.  I’m knee deep in a variety of kernels and seeds – I thought I’d grown a new mole on my foot but on closer inspection it fell off… Turns out it was a sunflower seed!  So – unless I want to wear flip-flops to cross the kitchen or acquire pebble dashed soles – housework must recommence!

I don’t really have an issue with wearing flip-flops in the kitchen – after all I do have a few pairs to choose from!  The issue is really that when it is (allegedly) summer I try to avoid wearing shoes at all.  For a dedicated Imelda I do like to be contrary and spend the summer months barefoot – although good sandals can be carried beautifully, and fab espadrilles can even dangle from a matching (or at least toning) summer handbag  All this really means is that a barefoot Imelda still has an excuse to add to the shoe herd!

I really like being able to feel the ground under my feet – doesn’t matter what it is.  Most people like walking on the sand but grass is a close second.  If you are inside it can be fun – at work we have marble, wood, cork, stone and carpet – and all on the way to the cafe.  It makes fetching a coffee interesting.  I do try to remember to put my shoes on for meetings (and to go to the loo – there are some limits!)  It sounds rather obvious to say that going barefoot keeps you grounded – but it does.  We protect ourselves from everything – we get all wrapped up, we stay in our cars and our double glazed houses and don’t let our surroundings touch us.  Going barefoot really connects to you where you are – it has to, you have a much greater awareness of what is literally beneath your feet.

I use to walk everywhere barefoot in the summer.  Even freshly surfaced paths with all those little sharp chippings were just a minor challenge!  The trouble is that as the pavements get more and more revolting and I get older and more aware of what I MIGHT tread in I do tend to confine myself to familiar territory!  When I was much younger no shoes was just fine and then it seemed to be a bit wrong, not very grown up.  Now I’m older it’s OK again – I don’t much care if I don’t look grown up and care even less if people think I’m odd – after all I’m almost old enough to wear purple… (there’s another subject entirely!)

Finally – of course – we need to consider the adornment of feet in lieu of shoes.  Toe rings, nail polish in coats of many colours, ankle bracelets and so on and so on…  It’s just another place to make jewellery for!

I may be a barefoot Imelda but my feet certainly aren’t naked!!


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