beads and treasures…

One of my many hobbies is jewellery making and I take on the occasional commission – I do love a challenge!

A friend entrusted me with a lovely project recently – she had a string of beads that had been wrapped around her wedding bouquet and among them were some gorgeous red glass beads that belonged to her Mum.  Could I make them into a necklace for her she wondered…

Of course!

It turned out to be one of the most difficult yet rewarding jewellery projects I have done so far – something so special had to have the perfect setting which was a little daunting to someone who is still perfecting her skills.

After a lot of playing around with silver, crystal and semi precious stones I had a selection of options.  We narrowed them down and it all started to make sense – clear Swarovski crystal, a touch of quartz and the sparkle set off the red beautifully without overwhelming the colour.  The other beads were to be threaded into a set of bracelets and away I went to put together the finished piece – the addition of a touch of sterling silver and – abracadabra!

Thankfully she loved it – tears were very nearly shed!  (and there were almost some from me too).  It felt like a great responsibility to make this work but it was all worth it and the satisfaction and pleasure of seeing the resulting necklace being worn makes all the angst and worry seem far far away.

I just hope that Caroline agrees…


3 thoughts on “beads and treasures…

  1. Simply gorgeous! But I know what you are capable of, so I am not surprised…;-)

    This reminds me of the project I was doing “with” you… next month, I guess.

  2. As aquamarine-jo says, the big red beads were given to my mum as a child; she used them to bind my wedding bouquet and so I wanted to do something really special with them. The necklace created by aquamarine-jo fitted the brief perfectly and I love it!! When I showed it to my mum, there were very nearly more tears…

    Thank you aquamarine-jo, I am so glad it was worth the angst 🙂 now, can we talk earrings please?

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