my favourite things…

There are times when it seems impossible the week will ever end and that you will get a  moment of peace and quiet.  I’m not a great counter of blessings – far too cynical – but there are times it does no harm to step back from the world and think about what really matters.

There are also times when you need to think about all the fabulously trivial things that make you happy – the dropped stitches and the ladders that are still a part of life’s rich tapestry!

And for once I am not talking about shoes – or not entirely anyway…

So – what are my favourite things?  It’s surprising hard to list them – the big important stuff is pretty obvious – but what’s my equivalent of  ‘door bells and sleigh bells and schnitzel with noodles‘?

Without too much consideration and – traditionally – in no particular order…

  • The first snowdrops
  • Mum’s roast lamb
  • The sound of the sea
  • Laughing at nothing with friends
  • Finding a bargain
  • Walking barefoot on the grass
  • Watching the sun set
  • Clean sheets
  • Unexpected parcels
  • Switching on the Christmas lights
  • Beaches in winter
  • First steps in new snow
  • The smell of the rain on hot ground

What about you?  Did the dog bite or the bee sting?  What made you smile today – and not feel so bad?!


Even cheesier than the original…

and  just loving the 60s leisure ensembles, all that polyester, I can actually feel the static!


3 thoughts on “my favourite things…

  1. OMG – yes that WAS cheesy… Makes you realise how repetitive the melody is without the lyrics. Note the deep, dark, smoldering, brown eyes of the trumpet player… almost scary 😉

    What’s this – beaches in winter!!!??? Seems almost sacreligious saying that on almost the hottest day of the year! 😉

    Enjoy the FRIDAY!

  2. Loverly! But I prefer this one…

    My favourite things… hmmm….have to think hard about that….
    A soak in the bath after a grubby weekend camping.
    Weather warm enough to take my fleece off .
    Waking up having had enough sleep.
    A cream tea outside in the sunshine.
    New lingerie.
    Fields with poppies in.
    Re-hashing the night before with friends over a bacon buttie.

    S x

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