into the bunker…

Right – the World Cup avoidance bunker has new recruits so some organisation is required. 

Dress code – informal, comfy but with really great shoes.  However should you wish to go all out then Go Girl!  Diamonds optional… and you are welcome to come in your pjs.  Novelty slippers will be assessed on a case by case basis.  

Please bring supplies – essentials are posh crisps, good drinks and anyone who wants to bake – well, please feel free…! 

I have some TV DVDs lined up – will add the utterly fabulous Being Human – but do bring your favourite film and some good comedy.  This is the best excuse to inflict your favourites on a captive audience you’ll get in a while.  Films and programmes of dubious quality but containing your (previously) secret and preferably embarrassing celebrity crushes are more than acceptable!  There’s nothing like a comparison of our imaginary celebrity boyfriends to get the party going.  (BTW- Richard Armitage is mine (all mine…)  Although I might be persuaded to swap – offers??) 

a fairly but not entirely gratuitous picture...


You can bring a project but strictly no work – you might want to knit, sew, read or bead.  It’s all fine – the bunker has plenty of space and elastic walls.  It has to have or I won’t fit all my beads in… 

Conversation to suit – light, in-depth or a quick game of “Best of Three”.  For the uninitiated “Best of Three” is the quick version of “Cliff, Shag or Marry” – three people and you must have sex with one of them.  A game played best with those who know you well – too well!  (You know who you are (Claire) – and I would still rather consort with the decomposing remains of the elephant man – or Tony Blair – than lay a finger on Robson Green.)  It’s a game that is usually an exercise in cringing revulsion but it can be deviously cleverly played with the strategic offer of a trio of the offbeat but attractive –  you can learn an awful lot about your friends this way, especially after a few drinks!  After that we can solve the world’s problems and organise world peace (and fluffy kittens). 

In the bunker I can guarantee that the chairs are astonishingly comfortable, the lighting is flattering and the butler is psychically attuned to your every whim – if you ask nicely he’ll even paint your toenails for you. 

So what’s keeping you?  See you during the next match!


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