I never knew I needed…

I’ve been watching ITV for a change, admittedly mostly the adverts – isn’t it amazing how many products there are that we didn’t know we needed?

Apparently the liquid hand wash that was now a must have instead of the traditional grubby bar of soap is now totally unacceptable.  We’ve gone from soap to scented soap to moisturising soap to anti viral, anti bacterial, anti-everything soap but even that isn’t good enough.  Our soap pumps are just COVERED in germs!  We are filthy!  We now need to buy a special pump for no touch soap dispensing – and of course there will only be one brand of refill to fit in it.  Cynical? Moi?

If we believe the adverts we not only have to add soap (blobs, liquid, powder…) to our washing machine it is also essential to use fabric conditioner, lime scale preventers and special stain remover.  There’s barely enough room for the laundry.  (Mind you I’m a bit worried that annoyingly perky women in stain-free pink will pop up in my kitchen and wash half of my clothes in a big bowl!  And I do mean literally half!).  Another set of adverts that are just telling us that we are all disgustingly unclean… it’s not even subtle!

There is a theme here – it’s no longer good enough to upgrade a product and make it better, we have to buy something extra.  I’ve just read a snippet in a glossy mag that has told me my nail varnish reacts badly to sunlight and will change colour – when did that start?  So I really need a UV protector to preserve the colour so my home pedi now consists of – base coat, two coats of nail varnish, top coat, UV protector and I can’t get my shoes on…  Why not add UV protector to an existing product – no money in it I suppose.

My bathroom is heaving with products and I don’t buy that much as I’m not what you’d call the high maintenance type.  I’m more your slightly battered old banger – decent runner, practical enough but won’t win any shows!  Soap and flannel used to do the trick followed by a quick wipe over with Oil of Olay but now it’s at least cleanse, tone and moisturise – and face mask,  exfoliator,  wrinkle filler, eye cream, sun cream, touch of sun fake tanner – need I go on?

Although I did read about a wonderful new skin care system invented by an American beautician.  It’s a luxury foaming water based cleanser (in a solid form for convenience) plus a unique muslin fabric exfoliating cloth…  Hang on – isn’t that a soap and flannel?!

Maybe back to basics is the new black…

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