act your age not your shoe size…


4 1/2 sounds good to me – I don’t remember it exactly but I wore shoes and I didn’t have a mortgage, a job or housework to do so what’s not to like?

when age = shoe size (Damn - I was cute...!)

So when do we feel we have grown up?  I don’t know if there is a single point in time that it happens – there wasn’t for me – but there have been some rather enlightening moments.  I spent a lot of my teens wishing I was more grown up – mostly for the purposes of concert ticket buying, seeing x rated films and buying drinks – and then many, many years making sure I wasn’t.  I’m not sure I should  tell you my age – those who know, know.  Those who don’t – I’m 29.

(There will now be a brief pause while those who know stop laughing and get up off the floor.  Done?  Nothing broken?  Just bruised?  Good)


Pivotal moments and creeping realisations

  • The first time I went in the saucepan shop before the shoe shop
  • The first time I asked my Mum if she had her gloves with her before we went out
  • When most of your staff are young enough to be your children
  • When you just can’t really admit to fancying actors under 30 anymore
  • You own (and use) coasters, have a selection of toning cushions and more than one set of plates
  • No one else remembers having paper straws for school milk!

Do we feel the same age inside and out?  Rarely.  Although if pressed I’m not sure I could identify my internal age – so many variables!  I know that my dress sense hasn’t changed much – still mostly black and slightly too much jewellery.  The hems are a bit longer, the necklines a touch less plunging but the heels are just as high although the shoes are rather more expensive these days.

To paraphrase Victoria Wood – there comes a certain age when you walk past the Scholl shop and go ‘Gosh! They look comfy!’  I take great solace in the fact that I have never, ever said comfy in a shoe shop.

Growing old is compulsory, growing up is optional!

5 thoughts on “act your age not your shoe size…

  1. Really liking your blog!
    And re: pivotal moments. Someone very wise once told me that you’re a ‘proper grown up’ when you actually like your curtains…

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