where to begin…

I’ve wanted a blog for ages.

I put it on the ‘things to do’ list.

I thought about it.

A lot.

Finally I set it up.

Of course I now have no idea of what I wanted to say and have no memory of why I wanted to do this in the first place!

I suspect that lovely cliché that writers write came into it somewhere.  There are also those times when there is no one to talk to and I want to say more than Twitter will let me.  This is usually about a TV programme or something that has really annoyed me… or excited me (steady!)…or intrigued me.

So – what to blog about?  I am a person of random but thorough obsessions.  This might be a TV show – some are consistently around but most are strictly seasonable (SCD anyone?).  It might be an actor – someone I don’t understand why they are famous or someone I don’t understand why they are not.   Or just a performance that I thought worthy of notice.  My viewing is eclectic – Being Human, Spooks, Life on Mars/Ashes to Ashes feature as well as a good stock of old favourites and some slightly less well thought of shows that I happily watch but don’t intend to confess to – yet.

What else?  I have a well trained herd of shoes, including some rare breeds from as far back as the 80s.  I like to increase the herd – best to avoid inbreeding – and abide by the strict rule that the words ‘need’ and ‘shoes’ have no place in the same sentence (except here). If you are very lucky one day I will explain shoe maths to you.  I design and make jewellery – and wear as much of it as I can!  I love Swarovski crystal and am generally a magpie for anything sparkly.  To balance that chunk of girlie-ness I never did get over punk and will stop wearing black as soon as someone invents a darker colour.

If I have a current obsession I will share until we are all bored – sometimes it might even be me that gets bored first.  (Although that may not be often…)

Here goes – watch this space and always – always – wear your best shoes!


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